Sound Wonder Interactive Mobile.

SWIM is an interactive installation that allows you to combine sounds in a playful way. Hanging elements invite you to discover. Trough interaction with the elements sound and light changes and you stand in the middle of a wonderful world.

SWIM was designed during our graduation project. We wanted to create a playful installation for art festivals. After a few weeks of brainstorms we came up with ‘in a sea of sound fishing for music’. From there we developed the idea further and ofcourse designed the visual design of the installation.

The installation was exhibit on serveral festivals and event including Discovery Festival 2012 and Innovation Day 2012.

Role: Project Lead, concept, product design
Team: Hayo Eisenga, Rogier Jupijn, Saskia Freeke
Utrecht School of the Arts
Graduation Project
Year: 2012


hku_swim_004 hku_swim_001 swimm